Colombian Soil.
Tropical Weather.
Natural Sunlight.

The soil that makes up the country of Colombia is rich as the indigenous people that cultivate its' land.

Being the second-largest exporter of cut flower in the world, supplying up to 70% of the US (approximately $1 billion in blooms) - Colombia thrives in the agricultural industry.

Optimal growing conditions

Receives more than 100 inches of rainfall annually.

Average of 223 days of precipitation.

Located 276.46 mi north of the equator.

Receives 12 hours of natural sunlight daily.

Averaging 74°F (23°C)

Optimal MMJ growing temperature ranges between 68°F - 77°F.

Proprietary Genetics.
Cloning Techniques.
Optimal Growing.

One World Pharma Inc. utilizes their extensive knowledge & research of the cannabis plant to culminate specific strains from around the world - with 15 registered and approved strains, with more awaiting approval.

Combined with One World Pharma's proprietary micro-propagation techniques - we are perfectly positioned & poised to become the global leaders of refined cannabis/hemp distillates supplying industrial and medical industries.

Registered Licenses

One World Pharma is currently the only company that has all four (4) licenses required by the Colombian government to cultivate, produce, and export hemp and cannabis globally.

Pharmaceutical Grade. Lab Tested. Certified.

Our products will meet all global standards including GMP and ISO. They will include crude oil, distillates, and isolates with both broad spectrum and specific cannabinoids and terpene profiles.

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